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About us

Located in Elpitiya, Sri Lanka, Kash Garments is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of garments. For over two decades we have been producing high quality garments for women, specializing in Dresses, Skirts and Blouses. Due to our strong focus on best up-to-date quality and constantly improving cutting-edge technology, that often exceeds customer expectations, we now deliver products to a wide variety of respectable brands and clients throughout the world.


The key to success is understanding the customer.


Over 30 years of experience has given our European management a valuable insight in the markets’ needs, and combining international know-how with local knowledge proved to be the key to achieving customer satisfaction. Our management maintains high professional competences and is impeccable when it comes to meeting industry standards. Innovative thinking is the cornerstone of our corporate spirit.


Kash Group


Over the past few years we have evolved into a strong enterprise with over 400 employees, who are constantly improving in areas of management, design, production and final control.

We monthly produce between 60.000 and 850.000 pieces on 10 operating lines, but due to high demand for our products, we plan to increase its number in the near future.



Quality is something we do not compromise. Meeting highest quality standards is a result of latest technology, hardworking employees and European designers and technicians, which educate the workers and supervise the entire process, from sample development all the way to goods leaving our warehouses.


Our experienced sampling department creates our own, as well as patterns per customer design. In the past year we have made a step forward and transformed all the acquired knowledge and experience into our own label Karen.K, and feedback to its exclusive collections proved us to be on the right path.





We understand that people are vital to our company’s success. As every employee plays an important role in our team and our journey, we treat each and every one with respect and dignity

Respecting the individual is respecting diverse backgrounds, cultures, preferences and ideas. We encourage them to learn and listen to one another, and we strive to help them recognize their full potential.

Along with extensive training, competitive salaries, youth employment opportunities and other benefits, we set a money fund, that enables all the employees active participation in their community, regardless of their social status.



Mr. Dieter SCHMIDT


Establishing companies in Sri Lanka almost 40 years ago makes him one of the first to recognized Asia's textile potential. After many success stories all around the world, he is know the mastermind and chairman of Kash Garments.

Products and Services

Understanding customer’s wants and needs is our basic guideline. We are proud to be one of the first, who adapted to latest trends in garment business by being able to efficiently complete orders in small series. We are distinguished by flexibility and responsiveness, which gives us a strong competitive advantage in the industry.


Investing in imported equipment, new technologies and innovative practices helps us deliver top quality products. We also place great emphasis on understanding our customers’ companies, people and philosophies, and we are fully committed to delivering above and beyond their needs.

Our main product categories are Dresses, tops, Blouse and skirts, such as simple trousers, hoodies and pyjamas, all made of first quality fabrics from around the world. Our skillful team of inspectors is constantly being trained and updated by European technicians in order to meet the highest quality standards.

BlousesTopsSkirtsDressesLeisure wearApparel engineering and design

We do not just make blouses.


We pay attention to every fabric characteristic, every detail, every stitch. Only then our performance meets women’s expectations, and only then is our work done.


Our blouse is a reflection of development, creation and quality, aimed at satisfying the desire for individuality and exclusivity of the most demanding women.

Tops are undisputed protagonists of every modern woman’s wardrobe.


Wide, frilled, tapered or raglan sleeves give a contemporary urban feel and are more relaxed substitutes for classical blouses.


Sheer, printed or embroidered, our trendy tops will satisfy the needs of any womanly woman.

We use a wide range of A-grade fabrics from lace, warp-knit fabrics to innovation high-end microfiber fabrics.


Selected materials and modern design give every skirt a unique character. Our skirts can be perfectly paired with classical blouses, tank tops or T-shirts, which enable a customer to make her own best look.

For most women there is nothing chicer than wearing a dress. This evergreen piece of clothing, offered in many shapes, silhouettes and forms, remains a firm favorite of most women’s wardrobe. Our dresses, mixture of modern European design and local craftsmanship, are created to fit all female silhouettes and trump over any seasonal trend.

Our leisure wear is designed to fit a range of body types.


Our comfortable and functional easy trousers walk a thin line between casual and sophisticated. Hoodies and T-shirts in softest and lightweight fabrics keep up with the latest trends and are sure to make a statement.

Our commitment to manufacturing excellence has helped us build an experienced sampling department that gives us freedom to create our own designs and patterns, as well as patterns per customer design. While sometimes created with the help of European designers, they are mostly a result of close collaboration between vision of our customers and ideas of our own.



With the use of Lectra integrated technology solutions our pattern making, marker making and grading became easier and faster. It also enables us better fittings, it limits risks and errors, reduces fabric consumptions, optimizes manufacturing productivity and improves quality.Our flexible sampling department also specializes in producing small salesman collections.

Social Responsibility

We understand that we are an important part of society.


Respecting our policy of being an economic, intellectual and social asset to the community we live in has earned us respect of our employees and business partners, as well as the community as a whole.


Industry Compliance


Kash Group strictly adheres to the Labor Code of Sri Lanka, our internal Code of Conduct and all other certifications our custumers require.


Company’s code of conduct (.doc)


The Kash Garments’ Code of Conduct sets forth the key principles under which the company and its business partners are required to operate. It obligates employees, custumers, consumers, suppliers and all other involved parties to conduct business on honest, fair and equitable basis.

Customer certifications


Respecting all internal codes of conduct and social compliance programs of our foreign custumers is the basis of our business making. Combined with quality auditing activities, they support the development of ethical and social standards throughout the supply chain.

BSCI – BSCI Code of conduct (www)


We take our responsibilities very seriously. In 2010 we joined The Business Social Compliance Initiative, which is the leading business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain, with the main focus on international labor standards protecting the workers’ rights. We see self-assessment and a third party test of our efforts as a very practical and simple way to further developing our responsibilities.


Community Service


At Kash Garments we see our global success as a direct result of the core values we embrace – integrity, ethical behavior and respect for others, which all reflect in the powerful commitment we bring to the communities in which we work and live.


Our responsibility as one of the industry leaders is to set an example, which reflects in many of the projects we initiated. One of them is Welfare Society, an independent body, governed by elected workers, formed to provide financial assistance to any worker in need. Management contributes a percentage of monthly export value to the welfare fund in order to help all employees with medical support and other humanitarian needs. It also enables annual trips, musical shows, religious activities, anniversary celebrations and many other activities, important to our staff, as a reward for their performance based results.


We are trying to make a difference. Providing monetary support for charitable organizations in our local communities, donating to orphanages, elderly homes and monasteries, offering employment opportunities and educational support to young people, our employees and their families are just some of the small steps on the road. It is a long way, but determination is what we are known for!


Our Pledge


The values, as written in our pledge, define every aspect of our business making…


“I am an important and meaningful part of my entire team. How I think and what I do considerably determines our company’s image and success. Trustful and goal-oriented interaction with all employees is vital for achieving our goals.”




TEAM SPIRIT~ I respect and support my colleagues.

PROBLEM-SOLVING ~ When facing a problem I try to find a solution.

COMMITMENT ~ I respect my obligations and I keep my word.

RESPONSIBILITY ~ I take full responsibility for my actions. I admit my mistakes and learn from them.



Head Office / development

Kash Garments (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka

Address: 64, Suhada Place , Thalapathpitiya Road , Nugegoda , Sri Lanka.

T: +94 (0)11 7920900-3

F: +94 (0)11 7920907




Production Unit

Address: Pitigala Road, Ketandola, Elpitiya

T: +94 (0)91 7221001


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