Annual trip to Wijaya resort

Another successful and entertaining trip is behind us. Even early and hours of departure cannot break the spirit, and at 8am we are already half way down to Wijaya Resort, an amusement park with beautiful natural swimming pools, waterfalls, sightseeing towers, fun canoe rides on the river, volleyball and cricket fields and much more. After an excellent catering meal the competitions started and this is where it gets serious – best dancers, most beautiful and the most handsome workers, the strongest team and the most persistent one, the girl with longest hair all receive prizes, that our Welfare Fund provides for, and the other are left highly motivated to do better next time. It all finished with an impressive karaoke performance from our General Manager, Mr. Chandana, and all other talented, or just enthusiastic contestants :). On the way back we are already making plans for our next destination, which needs to rise up!


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